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Online Breastfeeding Twins Class

Are you doubting your ability to breastfeed twins?

The Twiniversity “What To Do When You’re Breastfeeding Two” breastfeeding twins class is designed to address exactly these concerns. It's guaranteed to give you and your twins the best start with breastfeeding! In this course, you'll find a comprehensive range of the best information, techniques, and advice specifically tailored to nursing your dynamic duo. It's the perfect way to kickstart your breastfeeding journey with confidence and support!

What's Included:

  • 🖥 9 months access to 40+ videos to get you ready to breastfeed twins!
  • 🖥 Videos on topics include:
    • How does breastfeeding work?
    • Why is breastfeeding so important?
    • Breastfeeding Twins Prep
    • Goals of Breastfeeding & Dealing with the Pressure to be Successful
    • Supporting the Breastfeeding Mom
    • Delivery Day and Skin to Skin Contact
    • Breastfeeding Twins on Day One
    • All About That Latch!
    • Breastfeeding in the NICU
    • The Basics of Pumping
    • Building Your Supply Using JUST a Pump
    • Pumping Schedule for Home If Your Babies Are In The NICU
    • When One Baby Comes Home Before The Other
    • Breastfeeding at Home: Strategy, Routine and Everything In-Between
    • Managing One Schedule for Two Newborns
    • Sample Pumping & Nursing Schedule for Twins
    • And so much more!
  • 🖥 Real stories from REAL twin moms who share their own breastfeeding journeys.
  • 🖥 Helpful cheat sheets, handouts, related article links, and recommended product links.
  • 🖥 Taught by Judy Teibloom-Mishkin, IBCLC with Natalie Diaz of Twiniversity, we've compiled the best breastfeeding twins class on the internet. 

Your Instructors

Judy Teibloom-Mishkin is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a founding partner of Lactation Partners. She has decades of experience supporting new families, as they transition into parenthood. She has worked with thousands of new mothers of singletons and twins as a lactation consultant doing home visits. She is practical, well grounded, and very committed to providing outstanding care to the families she serves.

Natalie Diaz is the Pied Piper of twin families around the globe. Founding Twiniversity and becoming a true connector, bringing parents from all walks of life together, breaking past cultural differences, to share in the highs and lows of parenting twins. Natalie’s book, What To Do When You're Having Two, is a global bestseller in Twins & Multiples Parenting.


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What People Are Saying:

A must for any multiple mom who wants to breastfeed!


This breastfeeding course prepares you in every way: from gear you need, to dealing with setbacks and even how to set up a support system so you feel encouraged!


I appreciated how the fundamentals of breastfeeding were broken down in the Twiniversity online breastfeeding twins class – from how much to feed preemies/newborns, to the ins and outs of a breast pump. As a first time mom, I feel completely clueless, and this class has helped a lot with that anxiety.


This course prepares you for all of the breastfeeding questions you have prior to delivery. A must-take course if this is your first pregnancy and you intend to breastfeed. One of my babies was in the NICU so I liked the focus on what to do if you end up in the NICU. I also liked the clear direction on skin to skin and to immediately start breastfeeding after delivery. Judy really covered many scenarios for twins right after delivery and how to make sure breastfeeding remains an option if things don’t go perfectly.


Finally an explanation on what to do with breastfeeding twins! I really enjoyed her simple dialogue and explanation. I found her tips on storing breastmilk the easiest explanation on the internet. Judy describes real-life situations and lets you know this is not an easy task but worth it in the long run, so be kind to yourself throughout this time.


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