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Add on our Complete Baby Safety Course for just $39. Includes detailed instruction and demos on infant, toddler, and child CPR and First Aid, childproofing, and car seat safety. You'll get 6 months of access to the class to share with your caregivers.

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On-Demand Ultimate Bundle

SAVE $199!! The Twiniversity Ultimate Bundle includes ($784 value): 

  • On-Demand Expecting Twins Class ($199)
  • On-Demand Breastfeeding Twins Class ($199)
  • 1 hour of Twin Parent Coaching OR Virtual Lactation Consulting with CLC Natalie Diaz ($155)
  • 1-hour Virtual Twins Strategy Session with Doula Lauren Oak ($79)
  • Twiniversity Membership (Annual Subscription - $99)
  • Digital Twin Pregnancy Journal ($24.99)
  • First Year with Twins Schedules ($34)

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On-Demand Expecting Twins Class

Get ready for your twins with a Twiniversity online expecting twins class! Our online on-demand course features over 100 video modules to allow you to learn at your own pace with 9-month access. 

The Twiniversity Online Expecting Twins Class will cover everything you need to know to get you through your twin pregnancy and delivery and to learn how to care for your twins through their first 6 months of life. Created by Twiniversity founder and twin mom Natalie Diaz, Certified Lactation Counselor and Child Passenger Safety Technician.

The On-Demand class also includes 17 pages of twin prep printables

Topics include:

  • What equipment you will need and when (full registry provided)
  • What to pack for the hospital
  • Pregnancy Concerns
  • Talking to Your Doctor
  • Signs of Preterm Labor
  • Delivery Day Run-Through (vaginal and C-section)
  • Your hospital stay
  • Recovering from a C-section
  • Dealing with a NICU stay
  • What you should have in order BEFORE the twinnies arrive
  • Mistakes new parents make
  • Daily schedules for feedings and naps
  • Diapering Tips and Tricks
  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding x2
  • Playtime and tummy time
  • How to manage overnight feedings
  • Finding and interviewing a Nanny/Babysitter/Mother’s Helper
  • How to get more sleep
  • Packing your diaper bag
  • Traveling with twins
  • Baby proofing your marriage
  • Why having twins ROCKS!
  • Handouts on: Registry list, hospital bag packing list, bedrest boredom busters, pediatrician interview questions, how your partner can get involved, help chore chart, twin birth plan worksheet, nanny interview questions and questionnaire, safety tips for twins, keepsakes and milestones, car seat safety tips, how can a doula help me
  • 16 Twin Mom and Twin Dad personal testimonial videos with tips, tricks, and advice for new parents of twins

Purchase includes 9-months access to all videos, handouts, and our private Twiniversity Supporter Facebook Group where you can participate in live Q&A videos with a Twiniversity instructor. 

Breastfeeding Twins Class

9-month access to 40+ videos to get you ready to breastfeed twins!

Pregnant with twins and planning to breastfeed? Already got twins and need help with breastfeeding? Twiniversity has got you covered!

What To Do When You’re Breastfeeding Two is an on-demand online breastfeeding twins class made just for YOU! This course was created by Twiniversity in partnership with Judy Teibloom-Mishkin, IBCLC. Our breastfeeding twins class is perfect for:

  • moms preparing for the arrival of twins
  • moms who need a little help with breastfeeding twins who have already arrived

The Twiniversity “What To Do When You’re Breastfeeding Two” breastfeeding twins class is guaranteed to give you and your twins the BEST START with breastfeeding! IBCLC Judy Teibloom-Mishkin shares specific and detailed information on preparing for and developing a breastfeeding relationship when you’re nursing two. Here you’ll find the best information, techniques, and advice to get you started on the right foot with nursing your dynamic duo!

This series includes 36 instructional video modules, 5 troubleshooting modules, and 11 modules of real twin mom’s stories, plus helpful cheat sheets, handouts, related article links, and recommended product links.

With your purchase of this class, you’ll have access to all video modules for 9 months from the date of purchase, so you can watch the videos as many times as you like!

Modules include…

  • How does breastfeeding work?
  • Why is breastfeeding so important?
  • Breastfeeding Twins Prep
  • Goals of Breastfeeding & Dealing with the Pressure to be Successful
  • Supporting the Breastfeeding Mom
  • Delivery Day and Skin to Skin Contact
  • Breastfeeding Twins on Day One
  • All About That Latch!
  • Breastfeeding in the NICU
  • The Basics of Pumping
  • Building Your Supply Using JUST a Pump
  • Pumping Schedule for Home If Your Babies Are In The NICU
  • When One Baby Comes Home Before The Other
  • Breastfeeding at Home: Strategy, Routine and Everything In-Between
  • Managing One Schedule for Two Newborns
  • Sample Pumping & Nursing Schedule for Twins
  • And so much more!

Your Instructors

Judy Teibloom-Mishkin is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a founding partner of Lactation Partners. She has decades of experience supporting new families, as they transition into parenthood. She has worked with thousands of new mothers of singletons and twins as a lactation consultant doing home visits. She has also worked in various areas of maternal-child health, including Postpartum & Nursery, and Public Health. Judy is a mother herself and balances raising her own family with her important work supporting mothers, newborns, and breastfeeding. Her mission is to support new mothers without judgment, to encourage them, provide evidence-based advice, as well as best practices in newborn care and feeding – breast or bottle. She is practical, well grounded, and very committed to providing outstanding care to the families she serves.

Natalie Diaz is the Pied Piper of twin families around the globe. Founding Twiniversity — the world’s leading support network for multiple birth families — in 2009, she’s become the global influencer for this small niche community. Natalie is a true connector, bringing parents from all walks of life together, breaking past cultural differences, to share in the highs and lows of parenting twins. Natalie’s book, “What To Do When You’re Having Two” is a global bestseller in Twins & Multiples Parenting.

Virtual Twin Parent Coaching or Virtual Lactation Consultation service. 

Twin Expert and Certified lactation counselor, Natalie Diaz, will provide 1 hour of virtual consulting for you and your twins over video calls (Zoom, Skype, or Facetime) from the comfort of your own home. 

  • 1-hour session when you need help.
  • Includes 1 week of unlimited texting

Nat can help with:

  • Feeding observation and how to spot a good latch
  • Scheduling help
  • Suggestions for creating confidence and calm
  • Assessing nutritional needs
  • Getting your partner's support
  • Troubleshooting

The cost of lactation care may be covered under your HSA or FSA. Let Natalie know if you need documentation to submit your claim to your HSA/FSA provider.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Natalie directly at [email protected] or 917-442-2020.

Twins Post-Delivery Virtual Strategy Session

60-minute post-delivery strategy session with certified postpartum doula Lauren Oak.

You'll have a 60-minute video call with Lauren Oak, Twin Expert and Certified Postpartum Doula (and mom of twins!), to create a customized game plan for you and your twins when they come home. Lauren will help you with whatever is most on your mind: feedings, scheduling, partner issues, postpartum challenges, whatever will be most beneficial to you! The ideal time for this call is the week your twins arrive home from the hospital.

Lauren Oak is one of the premier twin expert Postpartum Doulas in the United States. Lauren has been working with and for Twiniversity since 2012. Lauren has brought expertise and peace of mind to dozens of twin families around the globe. 

Lauren brings a unique attribute to the table; not only is she a twin expert doula, but she's also a twin mom herself. A twin mom plus two more kids actually!

Lauren is based right outside of New York City and has been supporting families both in and outside of the major metropolitan area. Lauren has worked with twin families with both 24-hour shifts right after delivery, as well as more specific support items, like scheduling the first week with family upon their return home from the hospital. 

Lauren will be able to help you with the following issues:

  • Scheduling your twins
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Bottle feeding, pumping, and breastfeeding
  • Creating an equal division of labor between you and your partner
  • Strategizing how to manage overnights

During your session, you and Lauren will discuss:

  • Setting up realistic goals to get through the day and week
  • What is typical newborn behavior to expect for sleeping and eating
  • Breastfeeding support; how to get tandem feeding started, if desired, or how to pump and build up supply.
  • Basic baby care
  • Setting up a schedule
  • Whatever else is on your mind!

Lauren is available for hire beyond this 60-minute session. If you enjoy working with Lauren and want to book future dates, Lauren can set that up for you easily! 

Twiniversity Membership

Start your Twiniversity Membership today and receive these awesome benefits!

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What you'll get:

  • Monthly Live Zoom Meet-Up with other twin parents and Twiniversity Mom Squad leaders. It's like being in a virtual twin club! Get to know your fellow twin parents, ask questions, and get feedback and ideas on how to better manage your twins. Plus, we'll have more than a few laughs and you'll get to connect with other moms and dads! The monthly twin club on Zoom will occur on the 1st Monday of the month at 1:30 pm Eastern Time. You will receive a reminder email with the Zoom link every month through this portal. Make sure you check "Subscribe to our email list" in this form to get these important updates!

  • Private Facebook Group run by the Twiniversity Mom Squad. You can post your twin parent questions in the group at any time of the day or night and get feedback from other group members and Twiniversity Mom Squad members.

  • Access to the exclusive Twiniversity Learner Library. The library offers video seminars for all stages and parenting concerns specific to twin life. From managing your infant twins to starting solids to potty training to starting Kindergarten, we'll cover topics that are relevant to parents with twins at all ages and stages.

You will be automatically billed $99 to renew your membership every year on your anniversary date until you cancel.

Digital Twin Pregnancy Planner and Journal

The Twiniversity Digital Twin Pregnancy Journal is the first and only digital journal exclusively for twin pregnancy. It’s the perfect way to record your precious twin pregnancy memories to cherish for years to come. This journal has everything we’ve always wanted in a twin pregnancy journal… and more! This is the journal we WISH we had when we were pregnant with twins. We really went above and beyond to make sure you’re getting extra perks with your digital journal, including twin tips, to-do’s, suggestions, and trimester summaries. There’s plenty of space to record all of your most intimate thoughts, feelings, and milestones.

The Twin Pregnancy Digital Planner is a PDF planner and will work with any PDF annotation apps and the linked tabs will function in Goodnotes and Notability apps. Record and save all of your twin pregnancy milestones directly in the PDF, including twin bump photos and ultrasounds. You can keep the journal as a digital memento or choose to have it printed after you have completed it.

First Year with Twins Schedules

Need a sample schedule for your twins when they are here? Check this out to make your months easier!

You will get 12 sets of schedules for months one through twelve. Each set contains 17 pages specific for that month.

Your Twins First Year Schedule/Planner is a must-have for all parents of twins. PRINTABLE and practical PDFs along with sample daily schedules will help you keep track of your babies development and activity.

Your Twins First Year Schedule/Planner Includes:
-Visual sample schedule of your twin 24 hour day for each month
-A blank printable schedule for you to modify and customize
-Twiniversity Tips exclusively for that month
-Product suggestions with clickable links to make your year with twins easier
-Cultivated list of Twiniversity articles you should read each month

You'll also get:

Printable Grocery Lists, Doctor's Notes, Weekly Helper Logs, To-Do Lists, Important phone numbers lists, Meal Plan layouts,


Our most popular TWINIVERSITY FAVORITES: Our Twins Help Chore Chart for guests who have an extra pair of hands and four (4) Twins Daily Log sheets per month to keep track of your day even better.

Everything is written in an easy-to-read format and looks great in black and white as well as color. No matter if you are a first-time parent or an experienced one this product will simplify your life!


Have you tried the Twiniversity App?

Do you wish there was a twin pregnancy app that also serves as a raising twins app once your twins are born? Well, guess what? WE MADE IT! The Twiniversity App will be your new favorite app to track and monitor your twin pregnancy AND track feedings and diaper changes for your twins throughout the first year of life. This app was designed by twin moms specifically for YOU! This is the app we WISH we had when we were having twins.

Learn more or Download Now!

Need help? Email [email protected]


What People Are Saying:

Natalie is one of the most compassionate and caring people we know. She also has a passion for her job, which is teaching other twin moms how to navigate parenting twins. Natalie is THE resource for parenting twins.

Cassandra B.

I just want to thank you so much for the class! Not only did the hours fly by, but you absolutely nailed everything we were puzzled about going in. I described you to my friends as, ‘It was as if I had a very cool, very ballsy sister who had twins already and she was imparting her experience on to us with humor and reality.

Laura K.

My husband and I took the online class with Nat about a month before our twins were born (7 weeks premature!) We are so grateful for the sheer amount of knowledge and guidance that the class provided, plus Nat is an absolute hoot!

Lindsay F.

Thank you for all the fantastic information from our class and all the resources, we have had a wonderful postpartum transition that we owe to being well informed and prepared!

Lisa C.

I turned to Twiniversity as I was nearing the birth of my twins. As a single gay dad, I found the resource landscape minimal until I took the two-day course. I still use the book and consult this site for practical parent hacks and fun stories. Thank you for being awesome!

Julius E.

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