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If you need more time than just a few minutes. Consider booking a solid hour with Nat who'll go over your issues PLUS create a customized plan just for you. $150.00

Twin Parent Pep Talk

Natalie Diaz, CLC, CPST, Founder of Twiniversity and Bestselling Author of "What To Do When Your'e Having Two" is here to help.

If you are having trouble with:

  • Your Twin Pregnancy?
  • Stressed about your Twin Delivery?

  • Concerned about how you are going to Breastfeed your duo?

  • Need help getting them on a better schedule?

  • Trying to get them to sleep through the night?
  • Having Potty Training Problems?

  • Curious if you should have them in one class or two?

  • Freaking out about them fighting?

  • Or just worried you are turning into a parent you just don't want to be...

Nat is here to help! 

How Nat can help:

  • You have 30 minutes to lay it all out there! Bring even the most complicated issues, don't worry, she's heard it all. Nat will provide any support she can and if she can't help, will refer you to someone who can.

What's the cost?

Easy... it's pay-what-you-wish. Anywhere from a buck through a thousand bucks* is fine by us. This is a new feature offered to you by Twiniversity so you can get the support you need when you need it. 

There is literally no catch! For Real. 

*Recent Lotto Winners: Feel free to leave more. 


  • 🚹Please make sure you book a time with her when you complete your purchase. Spots are limited.
  • Nat's private consultations are still available if you are looking for even more support.  
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