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Why should you consider attending a LIVE Expecting Twins Crash Course...

  • Your due date is around the corner and you don't have time to lose.
  • You are worried that you'll start the At Your Pace class but won't finish it.
  • Your partner has limited time and you need to cram in as much as you can together.
  • You want to meet other expecting twin families in real time. 
  • You want to be able to ask questions in real time and get the answers to questions that are keeping you up at night.

Twiniversity LIVE Crash Course Details...

No time to waste? Join Nat Live and learn it all in Two Evenings! (Snacks Included!)

LIVE virtual Expecting Twins Class with Natalie Diaz

  • LIVE via zoom, 7-hour class split over two nights (Mon&Wed) created for you and your partner! 
  • Signed copy of "What To Do When You're Having Two".
  • Unlimited Q&A (Nat will even stay late if she needs to.)
  • Guaranteed to be one of the most unique pregnancy experiences you'll ever have.
Buy Now Without A Bundle $349

The most comprehensive course for expecting parents of twins EVER.

Find out for yourself why this class has been featured on Bravo (TWICE!), CBS, NBC mentioned in Us Weekly, People Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, and Parents Magazine just to name a few!

Natalie Diaz, world leading twin pregnant and parenting expert covers these topics in class and more:

  • What equipment you will really need and when (full registry provided)
  • Twin specific pregnancy concerns and how to manage
  • Signs of preterm labor
  • Delivery day run-through (vaginal and C-section) and recovery tips
  • What you should have in order BEFORE the twinnies arrive
  • Mistakes new parents of twins make
  • Hybrid feeding (breast AND bottle)
  • How to manage overnight feedings solo
  • How to get more sleep
  • Twin-proofing your relationship
  • Why having twins is the best thing that will ever happen to you!
  • 17 printable tip sheets. Including hospital bag packing list, potential pediatrician interview questions, twins help chore chart, twin birth preferences worksheet, car seat safety tips, and more

This class is easily less expensive than your double stroller and you'll use the information learned a lot longer. 

Buy With A Bundle And Save!

"I promise you, this class will change your twin pregnancy".- Nat

Sure, you're looking at that picture of me and my beast (her name is Betty by the way) and you're thinking, "What the heck does this have to do with an Expecting Twins Class?". Well, honestly, it has everything to do with it because that's a picture of my reality and that's what this class is all about... your reality with twins. Having twins is amazing. It really is. But there are little details like, do you really know the signs of preterm labor, what's the best position to place your carseats, or how much help do you REALLY need after they get home. Simple questions for me to answer that could make a WORLD of difference on your twin adventure. 

Twiniversity Crash Course Bundles...

Save The Most! ($664 value)

  • Live Expecting Twins Class
  • Online Twins Breastfeeding Class
  • Complete Baby Safety Course
  • Digital Twin Pregnancy Planner
  • First Year With Twins Schedules
  • Twin Pregnancy Misconceptions Ebook by Natalie Diaz

Our bestselling Live Value Bundle includes all of our awesome Twiniversity classes for the most complete Twiniversity experience for you and your family. 

Save $221 buckaroos with our biggest savings bundle.  

Buy Now $443

Most One-on-One Support

  • Live Expecting Twins Class
  • Online Breastfeeding Class
  • Twiniversity Membership
  • Private Post-Delivery Strategy Session
  • Private Lactation Support or Parent Coaching Session
  • Digital Twin Pregnancy Planner
  • First Year With Twins Schedules
  • Twin Pregnancy Misconceptions Ebook by Natalie Diaz

If you are looking for a personalized experience, this is the bundle for you. 

Save $144 buckaroos with this bundle.

Buy Now $749

Find Your Twin Tribe

  • Live Expecting Twins Class
  • Online Breastfeeding Class
  • Twiniversity Membership
  • Digital Twin Pregnancy Planner
  • First Year With Twins Schedules
  • Twin Pregnancy Misconceptions Ebook by Natalie Diaz

This bundle includes all the critical elements to connect with other twin families and learn, not only from your Twiniversity experts but from your fellow twin parents month after month during our virtual monthly meetings.

Save $217 buckaroos on this connection bundle.

Buy Now $447

Twins After Singletons

  • Live Expecting Twins Class
  • One of a Kind Twins After Singletons On-Demand Class
  • Digital Twin Pregnancy Planner
  • First Year With Twins Schedules
  • Twin Pregnancy Misconceptions Ebook by Natalie Diaz

The PERFECT bundle for families that already have a singleton (or a few) running around. Our Twins After Singletons Class covers all the topics that are unique to your situation like dealing with big kid feelings like regressions, acting out and needing attention!

Save $67 buckaroos with this bundle.

Buy Now $428

Private Class with Natalie

Book a private expecting twins class with Natalie Diaz and enjoy 1-on-1 coaching from the Twiniversity founder herself.

  • Private instruction virtually or in-person* for you, your partner 
  • Access to every Twiniversity OnDemand Class offered
  • Customized Twiniversity goody box specifically curated for your family
  • Twiniversity Lifetime Membership
  • Unlimited Texting with Nat for 3 months

The perfect package if you can't wait for the next group class and want a truly customized experience.

Buy Now $1299

Purchase Twiniversity Classes Separately

Breastfeeding Twins Class

If you are considering breastfeeding your duo, you won't want to miss this class dedicated to teaching you how to prepare and succeed at breastfeeding your twins. Taught by a twin specialist IBCLC this on-demand class can be enjoyed at your pace. 

Buy Now $149

Twiniversity Membership

Meet up monthly via Zoom. Hosted by Lauren Oak, a twin lactation consultant, Doula and mom of twins (plus two singletons) she will lead our monthly meeting which will feature a guest speaker, open Q&A and then breakout rooms for private discussions.

Join Now $99 per year

Twins After Singletons

This class was created JUST for families that are expecting a duo but already have a singleton, or two, at home. Taught by Melanie Cook, CLC and mom of twins +2. You'll have twenty-five video modules that you can watch on your own schedule.

Buy Now $79

Twin Pregnancy Digital Journal and Planner

This interactive week by week digital twin pregnancy planner and journal will easily become one of your most valued keepsakes of this amazing time in your life. It can be used with any phone or tablet while using an app like Goodnotes.

Buy Now and SAVE $10