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What Parents Are Saying About Twiniversity...

"Thank you for all the fantastic information from our class and all the resources, we have had a wonderful postpartum transition that we owe to being well informed and prepared!!"

-Lisa C.

"My husband and I took the online class about a month before our twins were born (7 weeks premature!) We are so grateful for the sheer amount of knowledge and guidance that the class provided!"

-Lindsay F

"As a single gay dad, I found the resource landscape minimal until I took a Twiniversity Class. I still use the book and consult this site for practical parent hacks and fun stories. Thank you for being awesome!"

-Julius E.

What! There's Two?


Hi, I'm Nat. I founded Twiniversity the DAY my very own twins started kindergarten. I was tired of feeling like I lived in a world that was made just for singleton parents. So instead of complaining, I sectioned off a piece of the web JUST for us, twin families, and that is Twiniversity.


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Reaching over 2 million families of twins each week, Twiniversity is the gold standard for twin parenting support and education. Pulling from almost a decade of experience, our classes have been fine-tuned to meet the needs of today's parent by weeding out what ACTUALLY works for twin families and not just what can be customized from the singleton world to fit ours.