Twins Delivery Day


Learn everything you need to know about delivering twins in this insightful, empowering bootcamp. From hospital bags to NICU stays to bringing both babies home (separately or together), you'll get a ton of info and support to ensure you're ready for your big day.


Twins Delivery Day Bootcamp

Taught by Natalie Diaz, Founder of Twiniversity and world renowned twin pregnancy expert.

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Bootcamp Begins...









What will you learn in Bootcamp?


From what to pack in your hospital bag, to who should be there on delivery day, we cover all the pre-planning details that need to be thought about BEFORE your water breaks (or c-section date!). We'll also discuss twin birth plans and what's realistic to include and leave out. 


Vaginal deliveries, C-Section deliveries or BOTH! We'll cover what to expect on your big Birth Day. With delivery tips to a discussion on hand expression and the NICU, we'll help you get ready and feel more prepared. Heck, we'll even outline what your partner can expect too! 


From the moment they say "It's a Boy"...or Girl...or both, we'll cover how to handle your first experiences and tell you all the hard truths about those first diaper changes! We'll also cover how to make an easier transition to home for you, your partner and the twinnies.


What Other Twin Parents Say About Bootcamp...

Heather R - Twin mama, Arkansas

"This is a must-attend event. I was so impressed with the amount of energy Nat had to cover the topics in a very real and relatable way. It will open your eyes and help you think through a lot of things to prepare for the twins."

Kate S - Twin mama, Minnesota

"I feel more prepared for our twins delivery... with questions to ask our providers and expectations to keep in mind. It was great information and the first real exposure I received specific to twins which was immensely helpful! I loved the packing list and birth preferences sheets as well."

Kayla W. - Twin mama, Alabama

"I was there ALL THREE nights with Nat on YouTube. I feel more empowerment with information and appropriate questions to ask. Great information and promotions to help guide me where I needed more education."

"Hey There!"

I'm Nat. I started Twiniversity the day my own twins started Kindergarten over a decade ago.

Fast forward to today and I'm the world's leading twin educator and key influencer on all things twin pregnancy, twin parenting, and twin breastfeeding. I'm the author of "What To Do When You're Having Two" and one of the only lactation consultants in the US that works exclusively with twin families!

I can't wait to meet you at our Bootcamp and help you get ready for your Double Birth Day! 


What to expect at Bootcamp

Join us at 7pm Eastern, LIVE in our Private Zoom (you'll get the link to the zoom a few days before the BootCamp, don't worry. We won't' forget ya!).

We'll cover some of the most important Twins Delivery Day tips you'll find online for FREE! Hosted by Natalie Diaz, founder of Twiniversity and bestselling author of What To Do When You're Having Two!

90 Minute Bootcamp Topics Include:  

  • Packing your hospital bag (and your partner's)
  • C-section tips to remember
  • Vaginal delivery prep
  • Tips for meeting your babies for the first time
  • Your Partner's role on delivery day
  • When things don’t go as planned and how to deal with everything that gets thrown at you
  • Recovery/Pain Management Tips
  • What are the chances that you'd have a vaginal AND C-Section delivery
  • Breastfeeding! Latch, troubleshooting, pain, and prep! We'll cover it all. 
  • (All above topics are time permitting!)


Make sure you grab your Twins Delivery Day Workbook so you can follow along if you'd like! OH and bring your most challenging twins delivery day questions or concerns since each night ends with a Q& A! We'll answer them in real time so you can start feeling less stressed instantly!

Grab Your Twins Delivery Day Workbook

What are you waiting for?

Our Delivery Day Bootcamp is the only one of its kind!

Other twin parents rave about this bootcamp, consistently giving it 5 stars! They've said it helped them feel more empowered about their birth preferences and gave them insight into what to expect while delivering twins. 

From your birth plan and questions for your medical team to dealing with NICU babies, surprises and all the first experiences you'll have. We cover everything and anything you can think of about your twins delivery day. So make sure to register for our bootcamp and get tips, resources, checklists to help prepare you for your twins. 


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